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Who We Are At RAWR Strength

James de Lacey

James de Lacey is a Master of Sport & Exercise Science and works as a professional Strength & Conditioning Coach with Elite and International athletes around the globe.

He is also a published academic researcher within the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

Mona de Lacey

Mona de Lacey is the 2018 Commonwealth Bronze Medalist in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. She has represented South Africa in Weightlifting on the International stage for 20 years and is currently training for the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

She is also a 2011 CrossFit Games competitor and 6x Karate World Champion and is a Master of Sport Psychology with Honours.

What We Do At RAWR Strength

RAWR Weightlifting

So you want to become a badass Weightlifter but you don't have a research backedWeightlifting specific program that has been tested on numerous athletes of all levels?

RAWR Weightlifting is a no nonsense approach to the sport of Weightlifting that provides you the key to efficient progress.

Why Choose RAWR Strength

World Class Coaches

Coaches with Master's degrees with world recognized experience from the beginner to elite level of Weightlifting and sport.

Perfect For A Busy Lifestyle 

We understand you have limited time each day to train. Unlock your potential by through effective programming and save more time for the ones and things you love.

Easily Accessible

Effective programming on-demand with the TeamBuilder app straight to your phone.

What Others Have To Say


Beginner To Competent In Just Two Months

In two months on the program my athlete has gone from completely new to the sport of weightlifting to competently clean & jerking and snatching.

Will Mobley

Something Was Missing Until..

I have always been athletic but was always missing something and that something was how to properly Olympic lift. Honestly, without having taken her technical class I would have just lived with my flaws but she pushed me and got me to where I am. Mona is the best coaching investment that I have ever experienced.

Marshall Cisneros

Gold Medal & State Records

Within the first year of her coaching I qualified for the 2018 U.S. Youth National Championships and placed 7th in the 13 and under 44 kg weight class. She has a very high knowledge of the sport and is able to explain complex concepts in a way that I can easily understand. In January 2020 I competed at the Texas Championships and not only won the gold medal but also set three state records in the process."

Elijah Rumfelt

I Made HUGE Progress

I have always loved Mona’s positive and passionate approach to coaching. She is incredibly detail-oriented, patient and encouraging. I have made HUGE progress working with her in my technique and strength.

Dr. Meghan Faulkner

July 29, 2021

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