RAWR Full Body Leg Specialization

What To Expect In This Leg Specialization

  • 3 days a week of training over 8 weeks.
  • Squat volume that will blow up your legs.
  • Program influenced by our iron ancestors, old-time strongmen.
  • A leg specialization that won't neglect your upper body.
  • Powerful gains after 8 weeks.
  • All loads individualised off your 1RM.

Are you after a new challenge in your garage gym? Sick of fitting into the same skinny jeans

Have we got a treat for you!

This full body leg specialisation is designed specifically with your garage in mind. All you need is a barbell, squat stands, and plates.

Exclusively online. One time payment. Access to the program forever!

$29 USD(billed in NZD equivalent)

What Makes This Different To Other Programs?

Access World Class Program

Programmed by James de Lacey, MSc.

Get direct access to the expertise of an experienced, professional Strength & Conditioning coach through the app.

Minimal Equipment Needed

Minimal equipment, maximum results

Specifically programmed for your garage gym. We understand many have space restrictions when it comes to home gym equipment. All you need is the basics.

Individualised Loading

Just enter your max!

Percentages are given for your main leg movements. All you need to do is enter your 1RMs in your profile and the exact weights will be given to you for each set of each exercise.

The TeamBuildr App

This is how you will receive the RAWR Full Body Leg Specialisation Program

Works On Any Device

Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or another brand smartphone or tablet, TeamBuildr is compatible.

Ditch The Notebook

No longer do you need to manually write down each set. Simply tick complete in the app and it will track all of your historical lifting data.

Your Own Profile

You will be able to enter your own training information to receive individual loading prescriptions.

Next Level Analytics

Pull up how much you lifted the weeks prior so you're never guessing. Track your weekly training loads to see yourself progress weekly.

Features Of The RAWR Leg Specialization

8 Weeks To Bigger, Stronger Legs

No need to fill the rest of your days with other programs or training. We have your whole training week covered for optimal progress. 

Exercise Video Tutorials

Not sure how to perform an exercise? Each exercise is accompanied with a video demonstration.

Access To Your Coach

Easily message James within the app with any burning questions you may have.

Delivered Through The TeamBuildr App

Everything is delivered through your smart device. Sweaty pages no more!

Mind Blowing Legs With Just Your Barbell

$29 USD One Time Payment

Billed in NZD

Steps To Sign Up


Click Any Lifetime Access Button

This will take you to the TeamBuildr website. Everything is processed through TeamBuildr and not through the RAWR Strength website.


Sign Up

Enter your details on TeamBuildr. You will NOT be billed monthly. It is a one time payment billed in NZD.


Create Your Profile

You will have instant access to the program so you can get started without waiting.


What equipment will I need?

You will need the basic home gym equipment. These being a barbell, plates, squat stands or rack. That's it!

What if I don't have a piece of equipment?

You will need these basic pieces of equipment to run this program. It is well worth the investment.

Can I use this program in my normal commerical gym?

You sure can. Wherever you have access to a bar, plates, and stands or rack you can run this program.

Will I be billed monthly?

No! This is a one time payment and you'll have lifetime access to the program.

Is this suitable for my level?

This program is suitable for the intermediate lifter and above. You should have a solid strength base under you to reap the benefits of this program. At least a 1.5x BW squat for males and 1.2x BW squat for females.

How will I receive the program?

We use an app named TeamBuildr. It is easily accessible on your smart device. No need to write in a sweaty notebook.

Do I need to calculate my own numbers?

Within your own profile, you can input your 1RMs for each of your lifts. When you read your program, the loads will automatically be calculated from your 1RM when a percentage is presribed.

Maximise Your Garage Training

From twigs to tree trunks.