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To be RAWR Weightlifting trained means more than just going through your average olympic lifting program. Your journey as a RAWR Weightlifter begins when you join RAWR as you continue to unlock your full potential.

Successfully navigating RAWR Weightlifting's proven program, you will find that you have every tool you need to be a successful member of this family and club.

This program is a complete guide to Weightlifting. It is fail-proof IF YOU add the work ethic, desire, and determination.

We are not haphazard in anything we do. The work has been planned for you. Now get after it!

Exclusively online. No risk, no strings attached, cancel anytime.

3-Day Program




For the busy Weightlifter or CrossFit Athlete

  • 3-day per week training program
  • Exercise video links
  • Access to Mona through the app
  • Delivered through a state of the art training app - Teambuildr
  • Free supplement guide for Weightlifting

*USD billed in NZD equivalent

What You Get 

Access World Class Coaching

Coaching by Commonwealth Medalist Mona de Lacey.

Get direct access to the expertise of one of the most experienced International Weightlifters and coaches through the app.

Everything You Need

A complete Olympic Weightlifting program.

Everything is programmed for you. From your warm-up, main lifts, and accessory exercises to specifically improve your Weightlifting.

Individualised Loading

Just enter your max!

Percentages are given for your main Weightlifting movements. All you need to do is enter your 1RMs in your profile and the exact weights will be given to you for each set of each exercise.

The TeamBuildr App

This is how you will receive the RAWR Weightlifting Club program.

Works On Any Device

Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or another brand smartphone or tablet, TeamBuildr is compatible.

Your Own Profile

You will be able to enter your own training information to receive individual loading prescriptions for each exercise.

Ditch The Notebook

No longer do you need to manually write down each set. Simply tick complete in the app and it will track all of your historical lifting data.

Next Level Analytics

Pull up how much you lifted the weeks prior so you're never guessing. Track your estimated 1RM to see yourself progress weekly.

Features Of The RAWR Weightlifting Club

3 or 5-Days A Week Programming

No need to fill the rest of your days with other programs or training. We have your whole training week covered for optimal progress. 

Exercise Video Tutorials

Not sure how to perform an exercise? Each exercise is accompanied with a video demonstration.

Access To Your Coach

Easily message Mona within the app with any burning questions you may have.

Delivered Through The TeamBuildr App

Everything is delivered through your smart device. Sweaty pages no more!

Sample Olympic Lifting Program

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3-Day Program

$19 USD / month

5-Day Program

$29 USD / month

Billed in NZD

Steps To Sign Up


Click Any 7-Day Trial Button

This will take you to the TeamBuildr website. Everything is processed through TeamBuildr and not through the RAWR Strength website.


Try Before You Buy

Enter your details on TeamBuildr. No risk, 7-Day free trial that you can cancel at anytime.


Create Your Profile

You will have instant access to the program so you can get started without waiting.

What RAWR Weightlifters Have To Say


Beginner To Competent In Just Two Months

In two months on the program my athlete has gone from completely new to the sport of weightlifting to competently clean & jerking and snatching.

Will Mobley

Something Was Missing Until..

I have always been athletic but was always missing something and that something was how to properly Olympic lift. Honestly, without having taken her technical class I would have just lived with my flaws but she pushed me and got me to where I am. Mona is the best coaching investment that I have ever experienced.

Marshall Cisneros

I Made HUGE Progress

I have always loved Mona’s positive and passionate approach to coaching. She is incredibly detail-oriented, patient and encouraging. I have made HUGE progress working with her in my technique and strength.

Dr. Meghan Faulkner

Gold Medal & State Records

Within the first year of her coaching I qualified for the 2018 U.S. Youth National Championships and placed 7th in the 13 and under 44 kg weight class. She has a very high knowledge of the sport and is able to explain complex concepts in a way that I can easily understand. In January 2020 I competed at the Texas Championships and not only won the gold medal but also set three state records in the process."

Elijah Rumfelt


What equipment will I need?

You will need the basic Weightlifting equipment. These being a barbell, bumper plates, squat stands or rack, platform, and other basic gym equipment such as a back extension, dumbbells, and a bench.

What if I don't have a piece of equipment?

There will be options within the app to choose alternative exercises that train the same movement patterns and muscles so no need to worry if you don't have certain pieces of equipment.

What if I can't train 4x a week?

That is no problem, you can perform days 1, 2, and 4 and miss day 3. You will still make great progress.

Is there a contract when I sign up?

No contract! No risk. You can cancel anytime.

Is this suitable for my level?

This program is suitable for any level of Weightlifter whether you are a complete beginner or a Weightlifter looking to compete. As the program is percentage based, all loading is individualised to you.

Is the 7-day trial free?

Completely free! Your monthly subscription only starts AFTER the trial so the trial week is completely free.

How will I receive the program?

We use an app named TeamBuildr. It is easily accessible on your smart device. No need to write in a sweaty notebook.

Do I need to calculate my own numbers?

Within your own profile, you can input your 1RMs for each of your lifts. When you read your program, the loads will automatically be calculated from your 1RM when a percentage is presribed.

Bonus eBook!

Not only will you be part of the RAWR Weightlifting Club, but you will also receive the "The Most Effective Supplements For Weightlifters Revealed."

The 5 best supplements specifically for Weightlifters with the evidence to back them up. 

This isn't your usual supplement guide. Expect evidence, unheard of supplements, and discounts inside!

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3-Day Program




For the busy Weightlifter or CrossFit Athlete

  • 3-day per week training program
  • Exercise video links
  • Access to Mona through the app
  • Delivered through a state of the art training app - Teambuildr
  • Free supplement guide for Weightlifting